Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I enroll anytime?

    You can enroll anytime and complete the program at your pace. However, Dhwani will announce batches periodically. By being part of a group, you will have the benefit of learning together with other NGOs and engage in some group activities

  • What are some benefits that NGOs have seen by completing this program

    The eLearning program is in its first phase now. As we document the benefits, this section would be updated over time There are documented benefits for the NGOs that completed the Niranthara program successfully You can see the case study

  • Is it possible to talk to some NGOs who have enrolled or completed this program?

    Please contact the help desk

  • Will we get any certificate at the completion of this program?

    Certificates of participation will be given to all participants who complete the respective modules for their roles A certificate of completion will also be given to the NGOs that have completed all the modules, for all roles Certificates of achievement would need an independent assessment by Dhwani. Please contact the helpdesk for your specific context

  • Is any additional help available if we have doubts during the program?

    The DrishtE helpdesk is available for all your queries. The help desk may be contacted over phone or WhatsApp at 999 999 9999 or by email at

  • We do not have all the roles mentioned as mandatory? Can we still enroll?

    If you do not have the roles at the time of enrollment, but plan to fill them – either by recruitment or by outsourcing – you may still enroll